Frequently Asked Questions (and all the answers)


Do you specialise in a particular industry or field?

No. I write for a wide range of clients – from B2B to consumer, from real estate to retail, education, food, art, photography, health and more. One of the things I love most about my job is continually learning about different industries.

As part of my support team, I work with writers who specialise in a particular field. So if there is a subject matter that needs someone with technical expertise, I’ll work with the relevant specialist in my team to get the right result.

My clients are based everywhere from Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland to London, New York and Hong Kong. Whether it’s working direct or in partnership with agencies, I love variety.


What are your prices?

I quote per project, not by the hour or word, and all quotes include one round of revisions. That way, you can rest easy knowing that I’m working to a fixed budget.

Send me an email with details of your project and I’d love to provide a quote.


Ok, I’ve approved your quote and I’d like to get started. What happens next?

Once you’ve approved the quote and my terms;

1.    I’ll send you a Q&A to fill out so that I can get to know your brand and brief. I’ll also send you a 50% upfront payment invoice.

2.    Once you’ve sent the Q&A back, we’ll schedule in a time to have a quick catch up over the phone so that I can ask you any more questions and confirm timings (my usual turnaround time is 5 days, unless we agree otherwise).

3.    I’ll send you your draft. You review it and let me know if you need any tweaks (I include one round of revisions in the quote). I’ll make those edits and - voila! Your beautifully crafted copy is ready for you to publish. 


What happens with invoicing?

You'll receive two invoices from me:

1. When you approve my quote, I'll invoice you a 50% upfront payment, which is due in 14 days. 

2. I'll send you the 50% balance invoice upon completion of the project, or 10 working days after delivery of the first draft, whichever comes first.

If one round of revisions is included in the quote (it usually is), and you haven't provided feedback before the 10 working day deadline is up, don't worry - I'll still make those revisions up to one month after I've sent you the first draft.

I'm a big believer in sticking to budgets. If the scope changes, or if for any reason I think there might be an extra cost incurred, you'll receive a revised quote from me over email before I get started. That way, you always know exactly where you stand.